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Peter Nashel

The fastidious musical chameleon and co-founder of DuoTone Audio Group speaks on the rationale behind his treatment for the key incident in I, Tonya, teases out the modernized East meets West soundscapes of Netflix's Marco Polo, and explains what a vacation from your computer can do for your artistry. 

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Marat Berenstein

Tenacious artist manager, founder of The Marat Berenstein Company, and adjunct professor at NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music speaks on his illuminating experience working for the legendary Art Garfunkel, the importance of being a person of integrity in business, and how social sharing has radically changed the distribution of music. 

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Matt FX Feldman

Music supervision prodigy, eminent record producer/DJ, and all-around cultural tastemaker speaks on the current state of popular music, shaping the wild sonic identity of Comedy Central's hit show, Broad City, and names his top "ones to watch" for the year ahead.

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