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Michael Brook

Inventive Golden Globe and Grammy nominated composer and producer discusses his emotionally nuanced and sonically ambiguous score for Keith Behrman’s coming of age drama, Giant Little Ones, the genesis of the Infinite Guitar, musically sympathizing with the character of Chris McCandless on Into The Wild, and his connection to the incomparable Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

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Peter Nashel

The fastidious musical chameleon and co-founder of DuoTone Audio Group speaks on the rationale behind his treatment for the key incident in I, Tonya, teases out the modernized East meets West soundscapes of Netflix's Marco Polo, and explains what a vacation from your computer can do for your artistry. 

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Joel C. High

Tyler Perry's main man dishes on getting recognition from High Times Magazine, seeking to hire people who are smarter than him, and the labor of love in curating the sonic palette for Duane Adler's Heartbeats.

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