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Maggie Phillips

Illuminated and experimental music supervisor speaks on her trial by fire entry to the field after the success of The Duplass Brothers’ The Puffy Chair, her complex collaboration with Noah Hawley and Jeff Russo to manifest the psychedelic atmosphere of Legion, and how a sync from Fargo led to the expansion of a farm in Zambia.

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Jennifer Harmon

Distinguished Senior Director of Film/TV at ASCAP speaks on her journey from psychology and neuroscience to the music business, her role in nurturing the next wave of talent in the composing world, and what to expect from this year’s ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO in May.

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Diane Warren

Grammy, Emmy, and Golden Globe winning songwriting luminary and founder of Realsongs speaks on the powerful and timely message behind her 1960's inspired Oscar nominated song from Marshall, the tremendous response to her sexual assault survivor anthem with Lady Gaga, and the tenacity that has propelled her long-term success.

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