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Max Richter

Elegant contemporary classical artist and Emmy nominated composer shares about creating gender delineations within his intense Elizabethan inspired score for Mary Queen of Scots, implementing the devil’s interval and lamenting bass to reflect the grim emotional terrain of Taboo, and his approach in illustrating a 60-year long relationship with stunning piano duets on My Brilliant Friend.

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Mark Isham

Legendary Emmy and Grammy winning composer, electronic music pioneer, and jazz maestro speaks on his majestic orchestral approach across seven seasons of Once Upon A Time, reuniting with Jodie Foster for the unsettling Arkangel episode of tech-horror anthology, Black Mirror, and melding his dark, triumphant score with the contemporary tracks in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger.

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Daniel Pemberton

Gifted Golden Globes nominated composer speaks on remodeling the work of Bach within his explosive hybrid score for Ocean’s 8, how he convinced Aaron Sorkin to let him capture the essence of a rock band for Molly’s Game, and the innovative sequence he’s most proud of from medieval epic, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

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