Michael Wandmacher

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Michael Wandmacher is an American composer of music for film, television, and video games. He has worked on well-known numerous projects, including Piranha 3DPunisher: War ZoneBloodborneTwisted Metal, and The Goldbergs. Most recently, he has worked on Underworld: Blood Wars, succeeding previous series composers Paul Haslinger and Marco Beltrami. 

Wandmacher was born on October 29, 1967 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. He began his career composing music for local news media and television commercials, before scoring short and feature films by local filmmakers. While following a series of email exchanges that started via a film music newsgroup, Wandmacher met Alan Silvestri, and was invited to Los Angeles in order to participate in several scoring sessions, composing music for the English-language releases of several Jackie Chan films including Armour of God and Drunken Master II. He eventually made his big break with the black comedy horror film Modern Vampires. Wandmacher co-composed the score with Danny Elfman, brother of the film's director Richard Elfman. Wandmacher permanently relocated to Los Angeles, and has worked there ever since.

The majority of Wandmacher's work consists of genre films, in particular horror and thriller films. In 2015, Wandmacher composed the score to the critically acclaimed role-playing video game Bloodborne.

Wandmacher also performs as remixer under the pseudonym "Khursor". As such, he has worked with Godhead, including one track on The Shadow Realigned album. The Khursor remix of Sting's Every Breath You Take was featured on the trailer for the third season of The Americans