Tori Letzler

Vocalist for Film Music / Composer / Founder of FIF Concerts

Source: Dillon Padgette

Source: Dillon Padgette

Tori Letzler has been in the music business her whole life. Growing up in NYC, Tori joined The Metropolitan Opera's Children's Choir at age 9. Following that, she toured internationally as a vocalist for Cirque Du Soleil before attending Berklee College of Music.

Since moving to LA in 2011, Tori has become one of the most sought-after vocal soloists in the film and television industry. Known for her unique tone and ability to improvise, Tori has sung on over 40 scores from heavyweight composers such as Hans Zimmer, Brian Tyler, Lorne Balfe, Rupert Gregson-Williams and more.

Tori is also a composer and continues to score her own projects as well as contributing additional music to various film, TV, and video game scores.


Listen to the final theme from American Horror Story Coven.


Listen to Beautiful Lie from Batman v. Superman.


Listen to the main title theme from Altered Carbon.


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