Brienne Rose

Music Supervisor of Russian Doll, Vida, and Florida Girls

Courtesy of Subject

Courtesy of Subject

Brienne Rose is a Los Angeles based music supervisor, whose undeniable passion for music and its power to transform picture, drive her ability to craft uniquely curated soundtracks for every project.  She launched her company, Noise/Racket in 2009 and has since collaborated on a diverse list of acclaimed projects, culminating recently with Vice magazine calling her "one of the hottest up-and-coming music supervisors in Hollywood".

At present, Brienne is the supervisor on critically acclaimed TV shows Russian Doll (Netflix), Search Party (Tbs), Vida (Starz), and The Other Two (Comedy Central). She has supervised over 25+ films, including 2019 Sundance select Paddleton, Indie classics (Dreamland, Before I Disappear), award-winning documentaries (Twinsters), and the Academy Award winning short film, Curfew. She has also worked on various national commercial campaigns; selecting, licensing and producing music for brands such as Spotify, Squarespace, Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo and Google.

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